A mountain of delicacies

We have always chosen only the best quality whole fruit and we work it with skilled hands, to give the right texture to the jams making them easy to spread on bread.

Although wild blueberry remains our fruit of choice, surrounded as we are by thousands of hectares of heathland, new products are always imagined and created: compotes, fruit juices rich in vitamins, fruit in syrup, liqueurs and gourmet sauces to accompany meats and cheeses add on to traditional recipes, completing an offer that can always satisfy customers’ desire for novelty.

The sugars, which have always been used in moderation, give way to fruit sugars, to ensure maximum authenticity.

From the first hand-made jams in a small laboratory in the 80s, today the production has grown to over 800,000 jars a year, while still maintaining the craftsmanship spirit of the past, the care in the choice of ingredients and processes.

In 1998, we were among the first in Tuscany to introduce certified organic production.

Each production phase is controlled according to rules dictated by the absolute search for quality.

Il Baggiolo is also registered in the list of harvesters and processors of the Modena Chamber of Commerce, which certifies the origin and traceability of our wild blueberries.

The reason for so much attention? It’s simple, for us at Il Baggiolo this is a passion, even before being a job.