A tasty tale from the mountain

We are a tasty tale from the mountain told by two generations of a big family from Abetone, an ancient resort on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

At 1400 meters altitude, we turn fruit into juices, compotes, jams, sauces, liquors, in which we put all our love for nature and the bond with the territory that distinguishes us. 

We answer personally to every inquiry, from messages on social networks to telephone orders, because we like real and sincere relationships.

You can find us in the best supermarkets and specialty shops, but who really knows us never misses the opportunity to come visit us personally in Abetone, for skiing, trekking and to enjoy the excellent air and food.


Il Baggiolo is not only a mountain company: it is a family, a community, a healthy way of living.
Il Baggiolo


Tales of forests and heathlands

The Appennine has always been a border land, not only in a geographical sense. Living above 1000 meters altitude gives you a different perspective on things. The respect for nature, the passion for the land, the search for a healthy life and a natural diet are stronger and more persistent feelings, on the mountains.

Everywhere, mountain villages are places of adventures and family histories.

Here in Abetone, the snowy peaks tell about great skiing champions, but, on the high-altitude heathlands, the main character remains the Bilberry, better known as European Wild Blueberry, that here is harvested in great quantity.

The story of Il Baggiolo begins like so, with wild blueberries, at 1400 meters above sea level, and with Leandro and Marilena, man and wife, who open a small laboratory for the transformation of this berry and other wild fruits of the undergrowth. 

The production of the first jams and juices begins in the 80s, by following the recipes left by the English holidaymakers who frequented the Abetone mountains in the 19th century and that were handed down from generation to generation.

In a short time, thanks to the quality and taste of its products, the company grows and other family members become part of the adventure. First Cosetta, Marilena’s sister, and her husband Alessandro, then the sons Lorenzo and Olivia.

 Thanks to their passion and the desire to learn and experiment, innovative recipes are born and the boundaries of sales are widened. 

New spaces are added to the small laboratory; the acquisition of new equipment allows for bigger production, so Il Baggiolo is now able to satisfy the needs of large-scale retail trade, while still distributing its products in specialized stores, in its local shops and on the e-commerce.

The image of the company has always been linked to Abetone and, over time, Il Baggiolo has become a symbol of this land.