The Wild Blueberry

The European Wild Blueberry, also known in Great Britain as Bilberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus L.) is a small shrub (40-50 cm high) that occurs spontaneously on heathlands and acidic soils, throughout temperate and subarctic regions. In the upper Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, this lowbush plant found its natural habitat and colonized the whole ridge.

The production area between the provinces of Pistoia, Modena and Lucca represents the only Italian environment where it can be abundantly harvested.

The fruit is a small berry of bluish-black color, with a red-purple flesh and a tangy taste, different in size, properties and flavour from its cultivated cousin. It has been appreciated since ancient times for its effects and it has been recently studied by the Universities of Modena and Florence.

Far from pollution sources (certified as organic), it is handpicked by professional pickers. The harvesting period runs from late July to late September. Cleaned and separated from the leaves, it is sold fresh or frozen. Il Baggiolo transforms it on site into jams, fruit juices, fruit in syrup and liqueurs.