The American Pancake that puffs up in the oven! Saturday Morning’s #TeamPancake, can you feel this wonderful scent?

This is the KING of Pancakes from the United States, originally from Pennsylvania, but now prepared everywhere. It is called “Dutch” because it is an invention of Germans and Swiss who, moving to the USA, combined the recipes of their cuisine with those of the States. And this is just one of the many desserts belonging to this tradition!


 Unlike classic pancakes, Dutch Baby is more convenient because it is baked in the oven. During cooking, it will swell visibly and become tall and golden on the sides. It is served very hot, directly from the small tray in which you prepare it.




INGREDIENTS (for 1 pancake)


35 gr “0” flour for cakes

60 gr milk

1 egg

10 gr erythritol

1 pinch of salt

5 gr butter



wild blueberries in syrup by Il Baggiolo

Greek yogurt

Powdered sugar



In a hand blender, blend all the ingredients except the butter for about 30 seconds.

Let the mixture rest for 25 minutes. Meanwhile, turn on the oven to 220° C, putting

inside a pan with a diameter of 15/20 cm, suitable for cooking in the oven (no plastic handles or

rubber!). When the oven is hot, take out the pan with gloves and place some butter in it so that it

will melt instantly. Then, add the pancake mixture.

Cook for 15 minutes without ever opening the oven, but admiring the cooking from the outside. Spread with wild blueberries in syrup to taste and sprinkle with powdered sugar.