180 KCAL, 2 ingredients, and only 2 grams of fat. Here is the new protein breakfast / snack that will make you lose your mind.

Another recipe prepared for us by @CUCINAORTICA, a classic egg white pudding but with wild blueberry juice instead of water.


INGREDIENTS (for 1 pudding)


120 gr egg white

120 gr blueberry juice by Il Baggiolo

20 gr oat flour

(or rice, or corn starch, for an even lighter version)

10 drops of liquid sweetener




In a saucepan, mix all the ingredients thoroughly so that there are no lumps (I use a silicone hand whisk. Alternatively, a wooden spoon or a classic hand whisk). Cook for 15 minutes on a small stove, with low heat, stirring occasionally until you obtain a cream. Pour into a pastry ring placed on a plate (or in a small bowl) and let it rest in the fridge all night (or at least 4 hours). Take away the mold and decorate as desired.