Soft muffins without butter? You can do it! These muffins are wholemeal, rustic and super soft, with apples, cinnamon and that spicy twist of ginger. Recipe created by @Cucinaortica, inspired by our apple and ginger jam.

What do you think of this combination?







Beautiful and above all soft! They are surprising!


INGREDIENTS for 8 muffins:


125 gr yogurt of your choice

1 egg

12 gr oil

80 gr milk

150 gr wholemeal flour

80 gr erythritol

10 gr baking powder

200 gr grated apples

Cinnamon to taste


For the filling:

Apple & ginger jam by Il Baggiolo


Pour all the liquid ingredients into a bowl. Mix. Add the dry ingredients. Mix. The characteristic of the muffin dough is that it has to be worked very little. Add the apples and cinnamon.

Stir a little more and then bake in muffin molds, to be filled 2/3 full. I use silicone ones, so I don’t have to oil or butter them.


Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 25/30 minutes or in any case until they are golden brown on top.


Let it cool, create a hole on top by pressing the dough inwards, and stuff them with apple & ginger jam.

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