A beautiful idea of ​​the foodblogger @CUCINAORTICA who prepared this recipe where the “bowl” that contains the dessert …can be eaten as well! A delicious recipe that can also be prepared the day before to enjoy it the following morning and start the day in the best possible way.



INGREDIENTS for 1 bowl


For the base

64 gr Rusks

45 gr water

20 gr peanut butter


For the filling

 170 gr yogurt

40g Spreadable Organic Wild Blueberries



To make the “bowl”, crumble the rusks and mix them with water and peanut butter.


With this mixture, shape your bowl in a previously oiled small springform pan, that you will store in the fridge to solidify for a couple of hours.


Once compacted, pour inside it the yogurt and gently lay the spreadable wild blueberries over the entire surface, using a spoon.


Put it back in the fridge for another couple of hours or leave it there overnight.


When you’re hungry, open the springform pan and enjoy your bowl!

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